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The Very First Post! March 3, 2009

Filed under: baby,Burleson,family — catholicmama18 @ 6:07 pm

Well, so hi! I’m glad you’ve come to visit us, the Burleson Family. I have to admit, this isn’t an .original idea, and have to give credit to my friend Quinn, who gave me the idea to do this. Anyways . . .

So I’m going to do a quick recap of everything that’s happened so far in 2009. It’s been a cold start to the year (it’s still cold, even though it’s March!) but that hasn’t stopped us from trying to hit the ground running. We had to move from our little trailer in Marshville, but it’s been no big deal, because we’ve wound up in this beautiful 2 bedroom house in Wingate. Just our cup of tea!

Isabel celebrated her first birthday and had an absolute blast! We had an assortment of family and friends, and she received lots of wonderful presents, although it still doesn’t beat the dollhouse Grandma and Grandpa gave her for Christmas.

As for what’s coming. . . well, I’ll be Confirmed and taking Eucharist at Easter vigil this year, and we’re looking forward to putting a garden on our little piece of (rented) land. We’ll also be celebrating our third Anniversary in April, so come back and see what else we’re up to.


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